Q. What kind of tools do I need for mirror polishing with surface roughness?

A. It is difficult to recommend tools because it is important point how you would like to use selected tools and devices for mirror polishing by hand.

  • ・Target work material
    ・Work condition (spark hardened layer, abrasive paper polishing #600, etc)
    ・Surface roughness
    ・Target part for polishing
    ・Type of device for polishing
    ・Points of attention
Q. Do you have a good tool for polishing rib?

A. Tool and device depend on depth, width and work condition of rib.
We recommend to use POLYTOR (ultrasonic finishing device) for grinding and polishing small part difficult to grind and/or polish.
For your speedy work, we also recommend RECIPRON and RUBRON.
Please ask Minitor sales staff for more detail.

Q. There is no description of grain size on polishing compound. How much detail can I get?

A. Finished surface depends on condition before working and working method.
Please note that it might be difficut to get exact surface roughness by polishing compound.
Please refer to "Explanation for Polishing Compounds".

Q. How can I use diamond and CBN properly?

A. Diamond = Nonferrous/Nonmetal
Diamond is the hardest in existing materials, but it is not suitable for working on iron-based metals due to high chemical affinity against iron-based metals, clogging when grinding and cutting and speed of abrasion. And also, it carbonizes at 700℃.
CBN = Ferrous
CBN (borazine) is the second hardest in existing materials and does not change its characteric of low chemical affinity against iron-based metals with high thermal conductivity under high temperature and oppressive working condition.

Q. How can I select and use abrasive rubber point?
Q. How can I select and use spiral cut and cross cut of carbide cutter?

A. Please refer to "Explanation for Cutters".

Q. Do you have any tool for polishing flat surface?

A. The important point for plane forming by hand is working skill.
We recommend the reciprocating file RECIPRON and the lateral swing file RUBRON producing performance close to hand work.

Q. Which rotation speed is effective for SENTAN TOOL?

A. It depends on working material and working pressure, but maximum rotation speed is recommended for diamond tools, carbide cutters, etc.
For grinding stones, elastic points, radial sanders and felt buff, it depends on working contents. Please ask Minitor sales staff.

Q. I would like to have special order SENTAN TOOL not on your catalog.

A. We provide special order products for many kinds of SENTAN TOOLs.
For your special order, please email or fax us product code of similar SENTAN TOOL and sketch with desired specification including size, grain size, quantity and details.
Depending on types of SENTAN TOOL, minimum lot for your order could be increased greatly.

Q. I would like to change shape of SENTAN TOOL such as grinding stone, abrasive rubber point, felt, etc.

A. Please check for page "dresser" on catalog.
Please use dresser with rotation speed of grinder less than 15,000 rpm.