[ Reciprocating File ]RECIPRON

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The handpiece generates a reciprocating stroke, ideal for filing, lapping, stoning, polishing and scraping operations.
Comfortable hand fitting pistol grip with built-in ON/OFF SWITCH provides greater processing accuracy.
Smooth operation, vibration free. Eliminates operation fatigue.


Stroke-oriented type. Appropriate tools with shaft size 2.0-6.35 mm diameters. Stroke range : 0-8 mm
Stroke speed : 260-3,500 times/min.


Speed-oriented type. Appropriate tools with shank size 2.0-6.35 mm diameters. Stroke range : 0-2 mm
Stroke speed : 460-7,000 times/min.

Model RE112 RE212
Stroke 0-8mm 0-2mm
Speed range (times/min) 260-3,500 460-7,000
Input Voltage 3-30D.C.V 3-30D.C.V
No-load Current 0.3D.C.A 0.3D.C.A
Diameters of attachable shaft 2.0-6.35φmm 2.0-6.35φmm
Carbon brush KE-580 KE-580
Weight (not including cord) 790g 783g

Length with the spindle extended to the limit