Feature of POWER PACK

Handpiece identification function (❶)

When the Ver. 2 handpiece is connected, the power pack identifies its motor type, indicates its rotation speed and controls optimum torque.

Digital display
 (rotation speed or output rate) (❷)

Identifying a connected handpiece type, the power pack automatically selects its display type (rotation speed (x1000min) or output rate (Rate %)).

Error code display function

Errors of power pack or handpiece are indicated as error code on display as following.

Microcomputer control

This high-end microcomputer control enables to identify the connected handpiece type and to manage its optimum output.

Rotation direction switch(❸)

You can change rotation direction(FWD. or REV.)of a handpiece.

External I/O signal control function is
 equipped as standard

The following input/output signals are available from the foot switch socket on the backside of power pack.
Error signal output, rotation direction setting, rotation speed setting, choosing a station to use, start/stop a handpiece.

LED load meter (❹)

Loaded condition in operation is displayed on LED meter. Error is alerted by LED meter and sound when overloading.
(Use handpiece in continuous-duty level.)

Foot switch holding function
 (When using a foot switch V302[Optional accessory])

Rotation speed set by Variable foot switch can be maintained by pressing the hand switch.

New braking system

Quick braking system enables to stop a handpiece immediately. And the system also quickly change rotation speed shifting from high to low speed.

New feedback control

Minitor power pack supports your stable work in the setting rotation speed by instantly sensing rotation speed drop from load in operation.
This function has evolved more in this Ver.2; it exerts tenacious torque especially in low and middle speed range. Also handpieces except Ver.2 give you higher torque feeling.

Quadplex circuit protection system

The power pack and handpiece are protected from overloading and overheating.

Grounded handpiece

The body of the handpiece also is grounded.

Corresponding to earlier models

The Ver.2 power pack can be used with the earlier handpieces as well except Polytor ultrasonic handpiece.