Feature of Minimo® Handpiece

Hand switch(❶)

You can switch ON/OFF with one. It is convenient for pressing the ON/OFF switch frequently and/or using a handpiece away from power pack.

Extreme accuracy

Our products achieves the world’s leading accuracy and the most suitable for precision processing. Especially, with small diameter diamond plated points, the small amount of runout enables you to process more smoothly. Also, the small runout value makes the tools last longer as chipping due to high runout value infrequently occurs.

Handpiece Identification Function

Compatible with handpiece identification function. You can use each handpiece with optimum control.


Separate type (❷)

Minimo handpiece can be separated into head and motor. You can select your favorite head and motor for your work.


Quick and Easy Exchange of Tools (❸)

Tools are easily exchanged by turning the collet release ring without any special tools.


Collet chuck type (❹)

We have many types of collet chucks to fit a wide variety of shaft diameters.


The Ver.2 handpieces(5 PIN Plug)can not be used with earlier models of power packs and you need the Ver.2 power pack.